Hey, my name is Fernanda Amenta and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I feel lucky to be working in the industry that I love and am always looking for new challenges in visual and interactive communication.

You will find some of my latest work in this website. If you would like more information, have any questions or would simply like to say hello, feel free to contact me.

Digital Retouch

Personal work


Personal. Illustration.

Londres 2012 - Diario de viaje

Client: Mica Taiah

DMC Full

Client. Identity.

Antique Cart

Academic. 3D Model.

Temaikén Birds

Personal. Photography.

Digital Retouch

Personal work

Explore the universe

Personal. Digital Collage.

Student work

Client: student.

Web Design

Client: Proyecto Untitled

Nostalgia sideral

Personal. Photography


Client: Proyecto Untitled